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List of VM’s that strike my fancy and my solutions to solving them.

ZorZ VM created by TopHatSec

  • Comments: This one wasn’t too hard, it may serve as a good refresher for image based exploits.

Write-up Link to ZorZ VM

Freshly VM created by TopHatSec

  • Comments: Great VM to keep your infosec skills in check, this one wasn’t too hard but be aware that root privilage escalation may not be possible with this one.

Write-up Link to Freshly VM

Sokar VM created by rasta_mouse #vulnhub@freenode

  • Comments: By no stretch of the imagination was this VM easy, many sleepness nights and endless frustration trying to get the flag. The trick here is to take a step back when you are stuck and look at the bigger picture.

Write-up Link to Sokar VM