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A Curious Mind with a Craving for Information to Life's many Problems.

About Me

Linux admin for 11+ years, I like learning about White hat penetration testing and cyber security. I usually hang out in #vulnhub on irc.freenode.net under the nick foxtrotniner talking about information security and learning with other pentesting enthusiasts.

Purpose of this site was to show others how to solve penetration testing Virtual Machines with the help of Kali Linux. Doing so will help in fortifying servers to prevent cyber security attacks.

Current Goals for 2019:

  • Take CISSP Certification Exam

Current Goals for 2020:

  • Take and pass OSCP Certification Exam
  • Learn Puppet by taking training classes and take Puppet Certification Exam

Completed Goals:

  • Take training to become a Certified Scrum Master (CSM)